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Faculties »

Faculty of Earth  Sciences

School   of  Geographic Sciences

School of Ecology and Environmental Sciences

School of Urban and Regional Sciences

Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research

Faculty   of  Education Sciences

Department of Education Science

Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Department of Education Information Technology

Department of Education Management

Department   of Preschool Education

Department   of Special Education

Department   of Educational Rehabilitation Science

Department   of Educational Psychology

Department of   Arts Education

Department   of Career Education

Institute of Schooling Reform and Development

Institute of Curriculum   & Instruction

Institute of International & Comparative Education

Institute   of Higher Education

Institute of Vocational & Adult Education

Institute of   Educational Economy

National Institute of Educational Policy Research

School of Open Leaning & Education

School   of Teachers' Development

School   of Teachers' Education

Shanghai Municipal Institute of Lifelong Education

Institute for Advanced Studies in Education

Institute for Testing and Assessment

National Training   Center for Secondary School Principals

Shanghai Engineering Research Center of Digital Education


Shanghai Municipal Resources Center for Special Education

Key Laboratory   of Speech and Hearing Rehabilitation

Faculty of     Economics and Management

School   of Business

School   of Business Administration

School   of Public Administration

School of   Statistics

School   of International Transport & Logistics

School of  Humanities and Social Science

Department of Chinese Language and Literature

Department of History

Department of Philosophy

Department of  Politics

Institute of Ancient Chinese Book Studies

School of   Marxism

School of Law

School of Social Development

Department   of Sociology

Department   of Social Work

Population   Research Institute

Institute   of Folklore

Institute of     Anthropology

School of Foreign Languages

Department   of English

Department   of Japanese

Department   of  French

Department   of German

Department   of Russia

Department   of Translation

Department of College English

International  College of Chinese Studies

Department   of Chinese Language

Department   of Chinese as a Foreign Language

Center of     Chinese Culture Teaching

School of Psychology and Cognitive Science

Department   of Psychology

Department   of Applied Psychology

Institute   of Developmental and Educational Psychology

Institute   of Cognitive Neurosciences

School of Sports and Health

Department   of Kinesiology

Department   of Physical Education

Department   of Sociology of Sports

Department   of College Physical Education

School of Communication

Department   of Broadcasting & Television

Department   of Journalism

Department   of Communication

School of Art

Department   of Fine Arts

Department   of Music

School of Design

School of Science

Department   of Mathematics

School of   Physics & Materials Science

Department of Physics

State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy

School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Department   of Chemistry

Shanghai   Key Laboratory of Green Chemistry and ChemicalProcesses

Shanghai Engineering   Research Center of Molecular Therapeutics and New Drug Development

School of Life Sciences

Department   of Biology

Department   of Biomedical Sciences

Institute of Biomedical Sciences

Institute of   Brain Functional Genomics

School of Information Science and Technology

Department of Electronic Engineering

Department   of Communication Engineering

Institute of Systems Science

Key Laboratory of Polar Materials and Devices, MoE

Shanghai Key Laboratory of Multimensional Information Processing

Engineering Center of SHMEC for Space Information and GNSS

School of Computer Science and Software Engineering

Department of   Computer Science & Technology

Department   of Software Engineering

Department   of data Science & Engineering

Department   of  Embedded System

Department of Cryptography   & Network Security

Computing   Center

State Research   Center of Embedded Trustworthy Software Engineering

International   Joint Laboratory of Embedded Trustworthy Software, MoE

Engineering   Research Center of Hardware / Software Co-design

Technology   & Application

Shanghai Key   Laboratory of Trustworthy Computing

Shanghai   Collaborative Innovation Center for Software of Trustworthy IoT

Si-mian Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities 

School of Advanced International and Area Studies

State Key Laboratory of Precision Spectroscopy 

 Academy of International Transport & Logistics 

 Institute of City Development Research 

 Art Institute 

 Meng Xiancheng   College

 College of   Oriental Real Estate

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